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French Girl Cool: Geraldine Saglio & Emmanuelle Alt

French Girl Cool: Geraldine Saglio & Emmanuelle Alt


French fashion girls are always synonymous with great, casual style. Never over done, they somehow exude the kind of style we all dream of: makeup free, cool, casual, and undeniably sexy.

Nowhere do we see this style epitomized so well than with Geraldine Saglio, sidekick to Emmannuelle Alt and stylist extraordinaire. Saglio is a stable at Paris fashion week, often seen walking in perfect unison with her French Vogue posse. While her and Alt are often seen sporting similar styles, Saglio keeps things fresh by mixing tones, shapes, and styles.

A favorite of hers: skinny white jeans, black ankle boots, a barely tucked in button up (the French did invent the one-handed tuck after all), and a crisp, tailored blazer. Devoid of accessories and with a clean face, this look screams put together.

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Every fashion girl knows the power that an all black ensemble has. Nowhere do we see this more than with the French–those perennial cool girls–whom always seem to be at the forefront of the anti-trend look.

Take for example Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue France’s editor-in-chief. She screams laid back, effortless coolness. Unlike her American counterpart—Anna Wintour—Alt could be anyone, blending into the street style crowds at fashion week, making a statement by not making one at all.

She loves solid colors and Isabel Marant basics, opting for low slung trousers and jeans, kitten heels, and sharp cut blazers. Sans accessories (save for belts, always, with everything) yet always chic and pulled together, above is a perfect example of an Alt classic: a loose button up shirt, low slung trousers, simple black pumps, and a leather motorcycle jacket. In all black, naturally.

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