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The 411 on Color Correctors—Have You Tried Them?

The 411 on Color Correctors—Have You Tried Them?

It seems that in the beauty industry, new trends come and go, while others are here to stay. One such trend that doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon—like contouring and liquid lipsticks—is color correctors.

For those of use without an art degree, color correcting is the art of neutralizing any color concerns you have with your skin, like redness and dullness. In fact, if you’re one to cover your under eye circles, then you’re already familiar with color correcting.

“Color correctors are meant to neutralize the problem, whereas concealers and foundations cover it,” explains Kerry Cole, Becca Cosmetics’ style director. She goes on to say that it’s not as hard as it sounds. “It’s all about color theory and finding the opposite color to neutralize the problem.” Cole also explains that if you don’t wear a lot of foundation, you just need to blend really well and then top with a little concealer. She also suggests layering them first and not mixing them with your foundation.

Color correctors work on every skin tone—even the fairest—and help with everything from redness, to hyper pigmentation, to dark under eye circles. And while they may look scary, there’s actually a science behind each color, even the brightest oranges.  “Peach works to neutralize dark circles and hyper pigmentation for beige to deep bronze skin tones,” Cole says.

The key is to use a small amount of the right color for your need and blend it in with your finger tips. “The heat from your fingers will melt the product into your skin,” Cole explains.

GREEN: Neutralizes redness for fair-to-medium skin tones with red undertones.

VIOLET: Neutralizes dullness for light tan/olive skin tones with yellow undertones.

PAPAYA: Neutralizes deep blues and greens for tan-to-deep-bronze skin tones with blue undertones.

PEACH: Neutralizes dark circles and hyper pigmentation for beige-to-deep bronze skin tones.

Becca Backlight Targeted Color Corrector, $30; Cover FX Correct Click, $18.

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