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Anthony Vaccarello Confirmed for Saint Laurent

Anthony Vaccarello Confirmed for Saint Laurent

This morning, Saint Laurent has confirmed that Anthony Vaccarello will be the new Creative Director of the brand, following the departure of Hedi Slimane. Though this news isn’t surprising—rumors have been circulating since before Slimane’s departure—it does stir up a few more questions.

This is what we know so far. Last month Raf Simmons announced he was leaving Dior, at which point rumors started that Slimane would be an obvious predecessor, having held the title of creative director at Dior Homme. Then, it was only natural to ponder who might fill Slimane’s shoes at Saint Laurent, the house he’d held the position at for four years.

Vaccarello was an obvious choice. The Italian designer has his own eponymous line and just last year joined Versace as a guest designer. His designs are in line with the direction Slimane has taken Saint Laurent in the last few years—gritty, sexy, and a very unapologetic.

But, the question still remains. Where is Slimane going, if anywhere? Though the last Dior collection was put out by the in-house designers, can the brand really have as much of an impact without a famous name behind it? If they fill that spot, will it go to Slimane, or would Albert Elbez—who was fired from Lanvin last month too—step in? And lastly, where is Simmons these days?


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