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Instagram’s Favorite Swimwear Line Now Does Ready-to-Wear

Instagram’s Favorite Swimwear Line Now Does Ready-to-Wear

If you’re the kind of woman with discerning taste then chances are you’ve heard of Myra Swim. The Aussie based label started by Bianca Anstiss two years ago has quickly climbed to the upper echelon of fashion must-haves and can now be seen on just about all of your favorite bloggers’ Instagram feeds. The brand’s popularity is no surprise, with seamless designs, a muted color palette, and sexy cuts that suite every body shape and are often sold out.

The pieces are so chic in fact—they also do double duty as day wear—that it was no surprise when last month the brand hinted at a full fledge clothing line. Enter The Myra Collection, a collection of double lined, seamless day wear in the same covetable palette as the swim wear. We touched base with designer Bianca Anstiss to hear about her inspiration for the collection and what’s next for Myra.

 What inspired The Myra Collection?

I wanted to make a range of clothing that can be so versatile you could wear it from day to night. A range that compliments a fuller curvy figure and highlights the areas most try to avoid or hide. Also its a sister range to my swimwear you can mix and match the pieces as I made them all from the same fabrics.

I’ve noticed a lot of girls wearing the swimwear as day wear, was that intentional and did it inspire the collection?
Yes, that had been something I was planning for a while.

What kind of girl do you create Myra for?
Myra is for every girl—big and small—that has a shape. Myself being a fuller figure but not plus size I have had trouble finding pieces that compliment my shape. I have an ass, a small waist, a full bust so really I made the range for myself, but everyone is just loving it world wide.

How did you choose the color palette?
Color is everything to me as I HATE patterns. Most swim brands focus on patterns to stand out from others where I focus on staple colors and shape more than anything. I think that’s what makes this collection stand out. I choose the colors every season and I’m obsessed with the Yeezy movement right now so that inspired this recent collection.

What lifestyle is the Collection best for?
I think the collection will be versatile like the swimwear is. I really ant to make clothing for all women and since it’s going to be based on the same color range that will help. I wear my collection when I travel, as day wear, at night, to the gym. You can even wear the crop tops in the water with bottoms as they are all lycra.

Do you plan on expanding it?
I want to keep going as far as possible, continuing to create more and more. The support is amazing at the moment my customers are so loyal so if it keeps going this way I won’t be stopping any time soon!

Get Myra Swimwear at and The Myra Collection at starting in April.

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