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The Wardrobe Staple: 5 Bodysuits You Need Now

The Wardrobe Staple: 5 Bodysuits You Need Now

When it comes to wardrobe staples, the bodysuit is the most versatile of the lot. Case in point, one piece swimsuits can double as day wear—check the Myra Swim Rhoads suit featured here. And though they’ve come into the limelight thanks to Kim Kardashian, they’re quickly making a name for themselves because of Instagram brands like Naked Wardrobe and The Line by K.

So what makes a good bodysuit? Besides the obvious cute factor, there are a few things to look out for when choosing the right one for you. First off, does it snap at the crotch? To avoid a serious wardrobe malfunction, look for brands that either don’t snap at the bottom (using a swimsuit for a bodysuit for example) or ones that have sturdy metal snaps. Mass retailers like to use plastic snaps which often come unsnapped.

Secondly, since the suit will be like second skin, look for opaque fabrics or doubled up (for a leaner, smoother look). Anything too see-through will likely drive you bonkers, as the close fit of these pieces makes for finding the right undergarments a challenge. Opt for pieces which let you skip the bra or are thick enough to conceal.

From left to right: The Line by K Adrianne Body Suit, $89,; Naked Wardrobe The NW Bodysuit, $34,; Myra Swim Rhoads One Piece, $92.28,; Good American Asymmetric, $139,; Alix NYC Leroy Bodysuit, $150,

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