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8 Genius Korean Skin Care Products You’ve Never Heard Of

It goes without saying that Koreans know a thing or two about good skin care. Boasting one of the biggest beauty markets in the world, some of the most innovative products of our times have come out of Seoul. Where would we be without sleep masks, cleansing oils, and BB creams, after all? And, Korean women are no strangers to intense beauty rituals—their routines often boast upwards of 10 steps—and even weirder products—lip masks are now a thing thanks to them.

But, as obsessed as Koreans are with achieving perfect skin, so too are we obsessed with the products they use to get it. Ask any beauty-obsessed American what her favorite products are and we can almost guarantee you’ll find a sheet mask or jelly lip mask in the mix. Or, in the case of some celebrities, both (we’re looking at you Kim Kardashian). But what about the newest must haves? We rounded up eight products that are sure to find a place in your medicine cabinet soon—from a travel-friendly stick cleanser to a carbonated face mask (yes, you read that right) here are 8 genius Korean skin care products you’ve never heard of.

A Carbonated Mask That Cleans Deep Down (And Looks Funny In The Process)

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $10.10, Amazon

That’s right, the Michelin Man memes you’ve been seeing all over Instagram are an actual thing that actually works: carbonated face masks. Now, before you go asking yourself why you’d need carbonation in anything other than your brunch cocktail, hear us out. Bubbles get deep down into your pores, cleaning out all that junk you don’t want there and clay helps to make sure it doesn’t come back.


A Velvety Smooth Lip Stain That Can Be Worn Countless Ways

Peripera’s Peri’s Ink Velvet Lip, $8.72, Amazon

Peripera products are the answer to just about every girls’ makeup dilemmas, they’re long lasting without being drying and cakey. Their In Velvet lip pots are no exception. You can wear them full coverage or ‘gradual’, they’re velvet soft with a matte finish, and they won’t budge.


The Primer That Blurs It All

Beauty Shot Face Blur, $14.90, Amazon

It may market itself as a primer, but Beauty Shot Face Blur is so much more—an SPF, a skin smoother, and a pore hider. It contains Baby Pixcel Powder (yeah, we haven’t heard of that either) and cover powder to help hide imperfections and give you that, well, baby skin look.


The BB Cream That’s Also A Jelly

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly B.B., $13.11, Amazon

Yes, you’ve heard of BB cream, but have you heard of jelly BB cream? The newest trend to hit BB creams is here and you’ll definitely want to try it. Packed with mint water and marine jelly, this mini shot of BB cream promises to hydrate and smooth skin while evening out skin tone. Bonus: it may be small, but a little goes a long way.


The Marshmallow Maker

Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker, $6, Amazon

This thing isn’t actual marshmallow (we’re disappointed too), but it does whip up your face wash for you and turn it into a marshmallowy texture. Not convinced? According to the brand, it makes your cleanser smooth and fluffy so there’s less friction, something we can all get behind.


The Snail Eye Cream

Mizon Korean Cosmetics Snail Repair Eye Cream, $11.98, Amazon

First there was bee venom and now there’s….snail? That’s right. Turns out the little critters’ mucus has all kinds of good-for-you ingredients in it to help lighten dark circles and smooth wrinkles and who doesn’t love that idea. Not to mention, it won’t break your bank.


The Stick Cleanser

Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, $19.20, Amazon

You’ve heard of cleansers in just about every formula, but Su:m’s Miracle Rose Cleanser in stick form is a first of it’s kind. Not only is it huge (one of these tubes lasts almost 6 months), but it’s also packed with good-for-your-skin products to help remove makeup, oil, and dirt. You can lather it up to a foam cleanser, or apply it directly to pesky longwear makeup.


The Miracle Powder To Liquid Essence

Dr. Dream Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence, $42.41, Amazon

Powder-to-cream formulas aren’t exactly new, but this formula melts into a miracle essence for your skin. Packed with eucalyptus extract, rose water, rose stem cells, and vitamin C it helps hydrate, nourish, brighten, and smooth dull, tired skin. What more could you ask for?






The 7 Best Oil Cleansers For Dry Skin

Gone are the days when slathering oil on your face was a beauty faux pas—the new crop of oil-based products are helping to treat everything from excess oil to acne prone skin.  And, while we all now know that oil cleansers help fight overactive oil glands, it goes without saying that their key ingredients also help to heal even the driest of skin. The best oil cleansers for dry skin are packed with skin-healing ingredients like camellia oil, jojoba, and macadamia nut oil and thanks to their popularity, there’s an option for just about anyones preference.

Oil cleansers do it all—thanks to emulsifiers—remove makeup, fight excess oil, and help to nourish dry, dehydrated skin. But that doesn’t mean all oils are created equally. Some help to fight acne and oily skin and can cause dehydrated skin to dry out. Be wary of any formulas with astringent qualities to it like tea tree oil, lemon oil, or ginger oil. And, as the old adage goes, less definitely is more in the case of finding the right formula. Look for options that have either a single oil (like camellia) or have a blend of skin healing oils to help sooth your skin. It goes without saying, avoid harsh fillers, they’ll just dry your skin out and fight against the oils natural healing properties.


Majestic Pure Camellia Deep Cleansing Oil, $14.95, Amazon

One of the purest oils you can use on your face, camellia oil has been used for centuries to cleanse, soothe, and nourish skin. It’s used on everything from face to hair to body to nails even. This cleanser harbours the power of camellia oil to not only cleanse deep down, but it also helps to reduce the appearance of any acne scars you may have on your skin.


Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Oil, $9.83, Amazon

100% grape seed oil helps to remove makeup and hydrate your skin without leaving a greasy residue. And, it’s as simple as you can get—no perfumes, or chemicals, or added colors so it won’t irritate your skin.


Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil, $20.50, Amazon

Leave it to the Koreans to come up with a cleansing oil that does it all: deep cleanses, removes excess oil, hydrates, and removes blackheads. Packed with black bean oil, black sesame oil, and black currant oil, this cleanser is jam packed with vitamins and minerals to help heal your skin while it cleanses so you can put your best face forward.


Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil, $10.74, Amazon

If you’re a longwear makeup wearer then look no further than Garnier’s cleansing oil. Not only does it remove even the most stubborn of makeup, it’s also packed with some of the most hydrating oils on the market. Jojoba and macadamia oils help to nourish your skin, leaving it clean and hydrated without the greasiness.


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, $17.85, Amazon

The OG of oil cleansers, one of these bad boys is sold every 10 seconds in the world. It’s main ingredient is olive fruit oil, which helps to remove makeup, dirt, and oil leaving your skin smooth, clean, and hydrated, basically all the reasons we love oil cleansers in the first place.


Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil, $19.87, Amazon

Leave it to Burt’s Bees to give us a natural cleansing oil that actually works. Containing coconut and argan oils, this cleanser is gentle and leaves your skin not only clean and hydrated, but also soft and smooth. There’s a reason everyone loves these two oils, and this cleanser proves it.


The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, $11.97, Amazon

If you’re of the dry and sensitive skin type then look no further than The Body Shop’s Silky Cleansing Oil. Not only does it remove makeup and deep clean, it’s also packed with camomile extract to help soothe sensitive skin. It’s even sensitive enough for contact lense wearers—hallelujah!


Editor’s Picks: My Summer Essentials

It’s fair to say that my style has changed dramatically since moving to Berlin. Where I used to like bodycon skirts and dresses I now prefer loose track pants. Where I used to gravitate towards high, architectural heels I now favor sneakers (my collection is out of control). This month has come full circle and my editor’s picks include Adidas track pants (I wear a men’s small), high-top Vans sneakers (which I’ve been wearing for years), and oversized trench coats.

It is summer however—despite what the weather might be telling us—so humidity is affecting my beauty routine. I recently discovered The Ordinary, a brand that isolates specific ingredients and sells them for market price (seriously nothing is over £10. Another favorite new beauty brand is 3ina, a Madrid-based global brand that has incredible formulas and colors. Their creme eyeshadow is like super glue on your lids, and it’s so metallic people will think you’ve packed on the glitter.

Though it’s not exactly hot enough for the beach, I’m still hopeful. Myra Swim makes some of my favorite pieces—they’re super soft and double-lined seamless. I recently got their Ford top and Mase bottoms which I’ll mix and match (and wear the top with my Adidas pants).

I can’t get enough of Grime music, specifically Stormzy (I know, I’m a bit late to the game). I’m also super into Giggs, Flowdan, and Nadia Rose. And thankfully, Rebecca Solnit has a new feminist book out, which I highly recommend picking up if you want an eye opener.

From left to right: Ader Error trench coat, €389,; Stormzy; Adidas Cuffed Pants, €64.95,; Myra Swim Ford top and Mase bottoms, both €61.93,; Vans SK8-Hi Shoes, €85,; The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit; 3ina The Creme Eyeshadow, €8.95,; The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toner, €8.70,

The Wardrobe Staple: 5 Bodysuits You Need Now

When it comes to wardrobe staples, the bodysuit is the most versatile of the lot. Case in point, one piece swimsuits can double as day wear—check the Myra Swim Rhoads suit featured here. And though they’ve come into the limelight thanks to Kim Kardashian, they’re quickly making a name for themselves because of Instagram brands like Naked Wardrobe and The Line by K.

So what makes a good bodysuit? Besides the obvious cute factor, there are a few things to look out for when choosing the right one for you. First off, does it snap at the crotch? To avoid a serious wardrobe malfunction, look for brands that either don’t snap at the bottom (using a swimsuit for a bodysuit for example) or ones that have sturdy metal snaps. Mass retailers like to use plastic snaps which often come unsnapped.

Secondly, since the suit will be like second skin, look for opaque fabrics or doubled up (for a leaner, smoother look). Anything too see-through will likely drive you bonkers, as the close fit of these pieces makes for finding the right undergarments a challenge. Opt for pieces which let you skip the bra or are thick enough to conceal.

From left to right: The Line by K Adrianne Body Suit, $89,; Naked Wardrobe The NW Bodysuit, $34,; Myra Swim Rhoads One Piece, $92.28,; Good American Asymmetric, $139,; Alix NYC Leroy Bodysuit, $150,

Instagram’s Favorite Swimwear Line Now Does Ready-to-Wear

If you’re the kind of woman with discerning taste then chances are you’ve heard of Myra Swim. The Aussie based label started by Bianca Anstiss two years ago has quickly climbed to the upper echelon of fashion must-haves and can now be seen on just about all of your favorite bloggers’ Instagram feeds. The brand’s popularity is no surprise, with seamless designs, a muted color palette, and sexy cuts that suite every body shape and are often sold out.

The pieces are so chic in fact—they also do double duty as day wear—that it was no surprise when last month the brand hinted at a full fledge clothing line. Enter The Myra Collection, a collection of double lined, seamless day wear in the same covetable palette as the swim wear. We touched base with designer Bianca Anstiss to hear about her inspiration for the collection and what’s next for Myra.

 What inspired The Myra Collection?

I wanted to make a range of clothing that can be so versatile you could wear it from day to night. A range that compliments a fuller curvy figure and highlights the areas most try to avoid or hide. Also its a sister range to my swimwear you can mix and match the pieces as I made them all from the same fabrics.

I’ve noticed a lot of girls wearing the swimwear as day wear, was that intentional and did it inspire the collection?
Yes, that had been something I was planning for a while.

What kind of girl do you create Myra for?
Myra is for every girl—big and small—that has a shape. Myself being a fuller figure but not plus size I have had trouble finding pieces that compliment my shape. I have an ass, a small waist, a full bust so really I made the range for myself, but everyone is just loving it world wide.

How did you choose the color palette?
Color is everything to me as I HATE patterns. Most swim brands focus on patterns to stand out from others where I focus on staple colors and shape more than anything. I think that’s what makes this collection stand out. I choose the colors every season and I’m obsessed with the Yeezy movement right now so that inspired this recent collection.

What lifestyle is the Collection best for?
I think the collection will be versatile like the swimwear is. I really ant to make clothing for all women and since it’s going to be based on the same color range that will help. I wear my collection when I travel, as day wear, at night, to the gym. You can even wear the crop tops in the water with bottoms as they are all lycra.

Do you plan on expanding it?
I want to keep going as far as possible, continuing to create more and more. The support is amazing at the moment my customers are so loyal so if it keeps going this way I won’t be stopping any time soon!

Get Myra Swimwear at and The Myra Collection at starting in April.

Anthony Vaccarello Confirmed for Saint Laurent

This morning, Saint Laurent has confirmed that Anthony Vaccarello will be the new Creative Director of the brand, following the departure of Hedi Slimane. Though this news isn’t surprising—rumors have been circulating since before Slimane’s departure—it does stir up a few more questions.

This is what we know so far. Last month Raf Simmons announced he was leaving Dior, at which point rumors started that Slimane would be an obvious predecessor, having held the title of creative director at Dior Homme. Then, it was only natural to ponder who might fill Slimane’s shoes at Saint Laurent, the house he’d held the position at for four years.

Vaccarello was an obvious choice. The Italian designer has his own eponymous line and just last year joined Versace as a guest designer. His designs are in line with the direction Slimane has taken Saint Laurent in the last few years—gritty, sexy, and a very unapologetic.

But, the question still remains. Where is Slimane going, if anywhere? Though the last Dior collection was put out by the in-house designers, can the brand really have as much of an impact without a famous name behind it? If they fill that spot, will it go to Slimane, or would Albert Elbez—who was fired from Lanvin last month too—step in? And lastly, where is Simmons these days?


Elizabeth and James Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

Though Elizabeth and James—little sister line to the luxury brand The Row—has been around for years, as of last summer it’s officially back under the umbrella of design duo Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. After eight years, the twins bought back the license of the brand and moved the design team in house with The Row. Good news for those of us that love The Row, but not the price tag. Though the twins were involved with the collections in the past, the move to in-house has already proven to be a significant improvement.

The last two collections since the acquisition have already showed a significant improvement in the designs, leaving behind form fitted girlie pieces for looser, boxier shapes reminiscent of The Row. The twins tell WWD that they plan to expand the brand’s knitwear and denim. Pre-fall and fall also saw more muted, darker colors, already a clear sign that the line was moving into a chicer new beginning.

Hedi Slimane to Exit Saint Laurent

Though rumors had been swirling for months, today Kering announced that Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane would in fact be exiting the house where he’s been creative director since 2012.

“What Yves Saint Laurent has achieved over the past four years represents a unique chapter in the history of the house,” Kering CEO and chairman Francois-Henri Pinault said in a statement. Slimane, who famously dropped the ‘Yves’ from the houses name at the beginning of his tenure has been credited with repositioning the brand and helping to shape it into the billion dollar business that it now is.

No word yet to where Slimane is headed  (if anywhere) nor who will be stepping in to fill his shoes though many are putting Anthony Vaccarello as the front runner. Kering is slated to announce who the new creative director will be soon.


6 Game Changing Serums You Need to Try

Serums are the one product in every routine that seem de trop, yet address a myriad of skin concerns. The questions on most minds however are ‘do I need a serum’ and ‘what do serums even do‘? The short answers are ‘yes’ and ‘a lot’. The longer answers are that serums are basically a concentrated form of ingredients that deliver fast and powerful results to your skin and because of their lightweight formulas—as opposed to moisturizers thicker ones—can get deeper into your skin. When it comes to whether or not you need them, the answer is decidedly yes.

Choosing the right serum however can be challenging. With so many on the market promising to do just about everything short of altering your face, it’s hard to find the right one for you. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to six game changing serums—some old, some new—that really do what they say they will.


REN‘s new serum promises to instantly firm the skin and it does. A veritable ‘beauty shot’ for your face, hyaluronans (cousin to the hyaluronic acid) work to boost your skin. A best seller from Algenist, the Concentrated Reconstruction Serum works to brighten, tighten, and clarify the skin. REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot, $54; Algenist Concentrated Reconstruction Serum, $95.

Technically an overnight peel, the Kiehl‘s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate does just that—refines the skin to reveal younger, fresher, and clearer skin. Known for their skincare, Tatcha‘s Deep Hydration Firming Serum goes on light and helps to brighten the skin (with 24k gold). Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate, $54;   Tatcha Deep Hydration Firming Serum, $95.

The be all and end all of serums, Sunday Riley‘s Good Genes is a favorite of just about everyone who has tried it. It instantly rejuvenates the skin and helps keep it bright, clear, and smooth. MAKE‘s Moonlight Brightening Serum goes on with a pearly finish to help keep skin hydrated and glowing. Sunday Riley Good Genes, $147; MAKE Moonlight Brightening Serum, $70.

Christian Louboutin Now Has Flats For Every Skin Tone

Last year, Christian Louboutin—purveyor of the most coveted shoes in the biz—expanded on his wildly popular Nudes collection to include every shade in the spectrum and fashion girls of every skin tone rejoiced. Today marks an even bigger reason to celebrate as the brand announces a new range of flats in the collection.

Dubbed the Solasofia, the range boasts seven flesh colored flats in Louboutin’s signature pointed toe silhouette and red lacquered soles, mimicking the heeled Nudes collection. Though there will no doubt be some people left out, it’s at least a step in the right direction as so many shoe brands in the past have focused solely on the fair-skinned nude shades.